Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive for my money?

A medal, a certificate that states your distance and at least three free playlists on Spotify. Plus 10% from every order goes to charity 'Mind'

What distances are there? 

You can choose distances in miles or kilometres just use the drop-down menu on each product

Do I have to run the distance?

No you don't have to run. You can walk, jog or run your chosen distance

Do I have to complete my medal in a single distance?

No you can submit up to 5 distances to complete your medal - even if it is 5 x 1km to get the 5km medal

How long do I have to complete my medal?

As long as you need! Once you purchase a medal, it is yours until we receive proof of the distance

What proof do you need? 

It can be from your phone, a watch, an app. We now have a strava group you can use to record your distances too - just let us know when you’ve completed the distance by sending an email to

How do I submit my proof?

Simply reply to the email we sent you with your playlists when you purchased your medal